Sportsman’s Hunt Club Rules

Updated 10/30/16

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General Rules


  1. The Sportsman’s Hunt Club has acquired hunting and fishing rights for the leases identified on our website at  Access and privileges for these properties are limited to the signed lease agreement for that property and these rules.  In case of doubt of any right or privilege, please contact the Lease Representative or a Hunt Committee Member.  Do not trespass or hunt on any land not included in our leases, even if not fenced or posted.  In case of doubt as to the limits of our lease, do not hunt the area until checking with the Lease Representative.  See lease maps for additional information. 

  2.  ALL STATE AND FEDERAL GAME LAWS MUST BE OBEYED.  Any Member found guilty of violating game laws on Sportsman’s Club leases shall be subject to review by the Ethics Committee.

  3.  A Member and guest, including non-hunting individuals, must sign-in each day before entering the lease and sign-out when leaving.  The sign-in book is at or near the lease entrance or landowner house. 

  4. Club Members are responsible and liable for any injury, accidents or damage in which they or their guests are involved while on leases.  Members are encouraged to check their personal liability coverage. 

  5.  Hunting or the use of any weapon on leases or club land while impaired by mind altering drugs or alcohol is prohibited!!

  6.  Members and guests are representatives of the Sportsman’s Club and will conduct themselves in an ethical, respectful, courteous and sportsmanlike manner while on leases.  The Club ultimately benefits from good relationships and remaining in good standing with the lease owners and the public.  Lease users shall be courteous to the land owners, their families, employees, and the general public.  Lease users shall comply with any reasonable request which may occur on the lease. 

  7.  Use of off Road Vehicles (ORV) for recreational purposes is not permitted on any lease.  ORVs may be used for large game retrieval and deer stand/feeder placement only if specifically approved under a lease’s special rules.  Otherwise, ORVs are to remain on designated roads.  During Deer Seasons, ORVs may not be operated during peak hunting times.  Peak hunting times are from one hour before sunrise till two hours after sunrise and from two hours before sunset till 30 minutes after sunset.  Individual leases may be more restrictive.  See individual lease rules. 

  8.  Leases may be temporarily closed or hunting days limited if deemed warranted by the Hunt Committee.

  9. Club leases are for hunting and fishing only.  Any other activity must have written permission from the Lease Representative.

  10. Club rules are determined by the Sportsman’s Hunt Club.  The land owner is not allowed by contract to grant exceptions to Members who might request special privileges, DO NOT ASK.

  11. No Member or guest may use Hunt Club facilities for any type of personal economic, commercial or other type of gain. 

  12. Do not throw or bury trash on leases.  DISPOSE OF TRASH OFF THE LEASE.  Field dressing of large game such as deer may be done on Club leases provided remains are disposed of properly. 

  13. Gates on leases shall be left in the position found when entering or leaving leases, unless the Lessor indicates otherwise.  If uncertain, close and lock gates.

  14. Members and guests shall exercise every caution to prevent fires.  DO NOT BUILD ANY FIRES unless permitted by landowner.

  15. All members shall comply with any special rules required by the Lessor as outlined in the lease agreement entered into by the owner and the Sportsman’s Club.  Special rules are indicated on each LEASE DESCRIPTION.

  16. Entry into leased premises shall be made through existing gates only.  No hunting is allowed from vehicles, either on interior lease roads or public roads adjacent to the leased premises.  NO OFF ROAD DRIVING. 

  17. Members are allowed to use private stands and blinds on Club leases at their own risk and the user is responsible for any accidents or injuries that might occur.  Members using tree stands are strongly encouraged to use a safety harness because of safety and liability issues.  The Sportsman’s Club does not endorse the use of tree stands.  Placement of a stand or blind does NOT reserve a hunting area and members may hunt the area and use any unoccupied stand or blind on a first come first serve basis.  THE SPORTSMAN’S CLUB IS NOT LIABLE FOR ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES.

  18. Stands, blinds and feeders are required to have the owner’s name, membership number and phone number on them.

  19.  Locks to stands or blinds should only be with a combination lock with the lease combination.

  20.  Feeders, stands and elevated blinds are permitted on leases from August 1 to February 28.  They should be removed from the lease by February 28.

  21. There are no Club owned feeders.  Members may use private feeders subject to Club, State and Federal rules regarding hunting over bait.  Placement of a private feeder does NOT guarantee a reservation for the area of the feeder and the area is available to any Member on a first come first serve basis.

  22. SCOUTING is permitted from February 16 to April 5 and May7 to September 30.

  23. Each Member is expected to perform a Work Day each calendar year or be assessed $100.00 in January of the following year.

  24. Members are required to notify Sportsman’s Hunt Club office, in writing, to request termination of membership.  This can be by email to: or regular mail to: P.O. Box 7438, Edmond, OK  73083-7438. 



  1. Any member with restricted physical mobility may use ORVs on leases with the possession of a non-ambulatory or motor vehicle permit. 

  2. Only a non-ambulatory hunter with a motor vehicle permit may hunt from a vehicle, this is an Oklahoma Regulation.

  3. A vehicle or ORV may be used to deliver the member to a blind/hunting position with 25 yards of an established lease road, including two tracts.

  4. The use of a vehicle or ORV will follow the Club rules for hours of operation.

  5.  A non-hunting partner may assist the member without visit limits for the assisting individual.  The non-hunting partner will sign-in as a non-hunter and use the number for the disabled Member. 

  6. A non-hunting partner staying in a lease lodge will be charged a lodge fee.




  1. Hunting membership is restricted to individuals 21 years of age and older who are stockholder Members of the SPORTSMAN’S CLUB.

  2. Hunting membership includes the Stockholders and Family Members.  The term Family Members refers to (1) a spouse, (2) the children of the Member or spouse under the age of 25 and (3 grandchildren under the age of 19.  All other persons shall be deemed to be guests of the Member and must be accompanied by the Member.

  3. Underage Family Members (<19) or guests must be accompanied and/or closely supervised by an adult Member of the Hunt Club who will accept responsibility for their actions.  Family Members and guests must be engaged in the same activity as the Member.

  4. If a Member, Family Member or their guest should act in an unsportsmanlike manner, membership may, after due process, be suspended or terminated without refund by action of the Ethics Committee.

  5.  All Members of the Hunt Club when on a Club lease, MUST HAVE IN THEIR POSSESSION A HUNT CLUB BADGE OR CARD.  Guests are required to be escorted by a club Member and have a reservation number.  A CLUB IDENTIFICATION TAG MUST BE DISPAYED IN PLAIN VIEW IN THE WINDSHIELD AREA OF ANY VEHICLE WHEN ON A LEASE.

  6. Only current Members will be permitted to use a lease.

  7.  Members shall display their Hunt Club badge or card and driver’s license to any other Member, Lessor, State Game Ranger or Federal Wildlife Officer upon request.

  8. Badges or cards shall not be loaned or borrowed.  Penalty is loss of hunting privileges. 

  9. A stockholder Member’s underage Family Member may apply within 90 days after their 25th birthday or graduation from college for a stockholder and Hunt Club Membership.  Payment for dues and stock must accompany the application.  They will immediately be accepted ahead of those on the Hunt Club waiting list.  If acceptance exceeds the membership limit, they will fill the next vacancy.  If the underage Family Member fails to apply within 90 days, the application will be considered according to normal procedure.




  1. The Hunt Club has many unreported and undetected rules violations that affect the quality of hunting and landowner relations.  Some are serious enough or frequent enough to threaten a lease.  This can only be controlled through cooperation of members who witness violations while they are on the lease and are willing to document and testify to infractions.  The Hunt Committee is willing to identify and discipline Members who ignore club rules.  Members are urged to contact the Lease Representative at any time they encounter other Members who are in violation of Club Rules.  ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

  2. Each Member has a responsibility to help police Club leases.  If a Member has doubts concerning other persons on a lease, they are encouraged to ask that person for a badge or card and ID.

  3. Any rules violation or unsportsmanlike conduct on any lease shall be reported in writing to the Lease Representative or any Member of the Hunt Committee as soon as possible, giving pertinent information such as date, time, place, badge number, witnesses, pertinent photos, etc.  The Ethics Committee has the authority to investigate complaints and administer after due process disciplinary measures up to and including suspension or termination.  The Member charged will be notified and allowed to respond.  A member may appeal a disciplinary ruling by the Ethics Committee by applying for a hearing before the Board of Directors.

  4. A member under suspension or who has been expelled cannot use Club leases for any activity.




  1. No Member can have more than 5 non-family guest reservations per year.  EXCEPTION: fishing, predator and hog hunting guests may be taken without counting toward the 5 guest limit.  No single individual non-family guest may hunt or fish Club leases more than 3 days per year.

  2.  A Guest Fee will be charged for all guests INCLUDING NON-HUNTING AND FISHING GUESTS unless special permission is obtained.

  3. Members may take Member Family Guests and not count them toward guest limitations.  Member Family Guests include sons, daughters, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law over age 24.  No individual Member Family Guest may be taken more than 5 times per year without special permission from the Hunt Club Chair or the appropriate individual committee chair in the absence of the Hunt Club Chair.

  4. Names of General Guests are to be recorded on the website by the member or given to the office at the time of reservation.  The office must be contacted to add any new Family Members or Family Member Guests and will run an online report each month to bill the member for guest fees acquired during the month.

  5. GUEST FEES are as follows:
    Deer Doe and Turkey = $125/day
         Youth Fee and Family Guest = $62.50/day
    Quail, Pheasant and Hog = $75/day.
         Youth Fee (<19 yrs) and Family Guest = $37.50/day
    All other hunt guests = $50.00/day
         Youth Fee and Family Guest = $25.00/day
    Fishing = $20/day
         Youth and Family Guest = $10/day        
    Lodge Fee is $10/night for hunters
    Lodge Fee for non-hunting non-family guest = $20/day
    No Lodge Fees for Members, Family Member Guests or Hunting Guests at the Jet Lodge.

  6. Special circumstances warranting exceptions may be obtained with approval of the Hunt Club Chair.  The Chair of the Committee involved may give approval in the absence of the Hunt Club Chair.

  7. Hunt Club Members may take guests on any lease except where specifically restricted.  Non-family guests will not be permitted on the first seven days of waterfowl, quail, turkey (spring and fall) and archery deer seasons.  Non-family guests will not be permitted the first period of the Muzzleloader and the Gun Deer seasons.  Non-family guests may not harvest an antlered buck deer.  Non-family guests may be taken during the first 7 days of dove and crane seasons.

  8. Up to 2 guests may be taken by one Member when allowed and they must be engaged in the same hunting or fishing activity.  Guests must be accompanied at all times by the Member.  The Member is responsible for guest behavior.  Members not declaring guests shall be dealt with by the Ethics Committee.




  1. Reservations can be made online at the website 2 weeks in advance.

  2. Hunt results should be recorded online within 2 weeks after the hunt or fishing.

  3. New reservations cannot be made until harvest results of the last hunt or fishing activity are recorded.

  4. Failure to record your results may be grounds for referral to the Ethics Committee.




  2. Reservations may be cancelled by calling the Club Office (405-696-6343) at any time on a 24 hour basis.  Cancellations will be recorded on voice mail after office hours and the reservation will be open to other Members immediately after the office opens.

  3. If it is necessary to cancel a Guest Reservation, it must be cancelled prior to or on the day of the activity or the Member will be responsible for the Guest Fee.



  6. The Hunt Committee monitors reservations and cancellations.  It a Member ignores or abuses cancellation or guest policy, the Member will be contacted by the Hunt Committee.  If warranted, the Hunt Committee may bring violations to the Ethics Committee.  The Ethics Committee has authority to assess an appropriate penalty, including revocation of hunting privileges.





  1. No predator hunts may be scheduled during deer season.  During deer season, predators and hogs may be taken by the weapon for that season.

  2. The Hunt Committee has a prime objective of utilizing deer hunting opportunities to the fullest and providing opportunities for all Members to have SAFE AND QUALITY DEER HUNTING.  To help insure these goals, specific rules and reservation requirements have been implemented.  ALL DEER HUNTERS ARE REQUIRED TO NOTE THE AREA THEY INTEND TO HUNT IN THE SIGN-IN BOOK WHEN THEY ENTER THE LEASE.  BE AS SPECIFIC AS YOU CAN TO AVOID CONFLICTS IN THE FIELD.  Remember, if any stand or blind is occupied when you approach it, move to another area to hunt.

  3. Leases which permit deer hunting can be reserved 2 weeks in advance for the Archery season.  Gun and Muzzleloader firearms deer hunting will initially be by drawing for designated hunts.  All left over slots will be processed like all other reservations.

  4. Any Hunt Club Member of a hunting group may accompany any Member of that group as a NON-HUNTING participant AFTER they have harvested their deer limit during their draw reservation period.  THEY MAY NOT CARRY A FIREARM.

  5.  A Member with a draw reservation and finishes their hunt should not cancel the rest of that hunt.  Fill out the harvest report for the unused days.  THE REMAINING DAYS IN THE PERIOD WILL NOT BE FILLED.


  7. If a hunter elects to move to another area, they must go online or call the office, file a hunt report for the area hunted and then reserve another area with open hunting slots.

  8. GUN AND MUZZLELOADER FIREARMS DEER DRAWING PROCEDURE.  The drawing will be conducted at a designated time for both seasons.  Separate applications are required for each season.  A list of leases is available on the application form and on a separate attachment.  An application can be submitted for a hunt period to include an individual Member, Family Member and a Maximum of 2 Family Member Guests.  Non-Family Guests are allowed after the first hunting period, NOT TO EXCEED THE ALLOWABLE NUMBER OF HUNTERS ON THE LEASE.  NO HUNTER IS ALLOWED TO APPEAR ON MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION.  Any application turned in after 7 pm on the designated day will not be included in the drawing.  Hunters attending the drawing with a completed application will draw a number.  Applicants with the lowest completed number will have first choice, highest number the last choice.  GROUP HUNTS will submit one application and draw one number for the group for each season    Hunters who CAN NOT ATTEND the drawing can participate in the drawing by completing an application and submitting it to the Club Office prior to the day of the drawing.  The draw results will be posted by the hunter on the application.  MEMBERS MAY RESERVE UNUSED HUNT PERIODS AFTER THE DRAWS ARE COMPLETED.  MEMBERS MAYT NOT RESERVE MORE THAN 3 DAYS AT A TIME FOR EACH SEASON.  Member Draw hunts do not count as a reservation.


  10. During Deer Rifle Season, no Detachable Magazine should be able to hold more than 5 shells. 



  1.  No predator hunts may be scheduled during Turkey season.  During Turkey season, predators and hogs may be taken by the weapon for that season.

  2. No predator hunts may be scheduled during Deer season.  During Deer season, predators and hogs may be taken by the weapon for that season.

  3. Limits for turkey are the same as the state.  Make sure you know the state regulations that are valid for the county that you are hunting.

  4. The maximum number of hunters per day must not be exceeded on any lease.  See lease descriptions for total number of hunters allowed.

  5. Members may accompany another Member, Family Member or Guest on a lease after they have harvested their limit as a sponsor/supervisor and do not occupy a hunting space on a lease that another Member may use.  THEY MAY NOT CARRY A WEAPON.  The presence of the non-hunting Member will NOT be counted toward the maximum number of hunters on the lease.  A Member who has harvested their limit must accompany a Family Member or guest as a non-hunter for the duration of the reservation period.

  6. Non-game species may be SHOT when encountered using the same weapons legal for turkey.  No predator/hog reservations may be made during turkey season.

  7. Rifles of approved caliber in Wildlife Department Hunting Regulations may be used for fall turkey season.

  8. Turkey may not be hunted or taken within 100 yards or the state regulation distance of any bait.  Feed or bait may not be scattered or placed on any club land or lease after February 28.  All feeders, deer stands and elevated blinds must be removed by February 28.  ANY FEEDERS, stands or elevated blinds FOUND ON A LEASE DURING TURKEY SEASON MAY BE REMOVED AND TURNED IN TO THE HUNT COMMITTEE.


Small game may be hunted during appropriate Oklahoma seasons with no specific hunting for small game during deer or turkey seasons.



  1. Reservations for non-game (predator and hog) hunting will NOT BE ACCEPTED during turkey and deer seasons.  During Quail season, with the exception of DOK and Posey leases, a hunter may make a reservation to predator/hog hunt no earlier than 24 hours prior to the planned hunt when no existing quail reservations have been made for that lease.  Members wishing to predator/hog hunt DOK and Posey leases may do so following normal reservation procedures.  Hunters may harvest non-game, if encountered during any open regular hunting season by whatever weapons legal during that season.

  2. Hunting is permitted only during daylight hours on all leases with the exception of raccoon hunting on the Duncan lease.  Evening raccoon hunting may be undertaken only after these criteria have been met.

    Contact land owner at least 24 hours before the proposed hunt
         to ensure he is aware of your plans.
    Notify the Game Warden for that county so he is aware of your
    Contact the Lease Representative for that Lease so he is aware
         of your planned activity.
    The maximum number of hunters permitted on each is the same
         as those for gun deer hunting.
    Guest fees will be charged.
    Hunters must wear blaze orange as required by Oklahoma
         Hunting Regulations.
    Any exceptions to Club Rules and special rules for a lease must
         be cleared with the Lease Representative.
    Blinds and stands used for non-game hunting are allowed on a
         carry-in and carry-out for that hunt.
    Trapping by any means for any reason is PROHIBITED.



  1. The Hunt Club does not retain exclusive fishing rights on all leases.  Members are urged to respect the rights of guests and friends of the landowner who also fish on the premises.  See the information on each lease.

  2. Reservations are necessary to fish on all leases.  Reservations can be made on line or by calling the club during office hours.

  3. Fishing is allowed except during Rifle or Muzzleloader Deer Seasons.



  1.  All reservations for bunks at the Jet Lodge must be made through the reservation system or Club office.  Hunters desiring to stay past their reservations must make additional reservations through the reservation system or call the Club office to determine can be extended.   No reservations can be made more than 14 days in advance.  Member non-family guests not using Club leases may have overnight privileges if available and will be charged $20 per night.

  2.  ALL Members must sign-in the registration book at the lodge upon arriving.  Please include name, badge number, reservation number, guests, time of arrival and proposed nights to stay.  Sign-out when leaving.  This information will help know who is and isn’t at the Lodge should an emergency arise or phone calls be received.  The list for drawing pits/blinds will be made from the registration book.

  3. Members not desiring to hunt in the pits/blinds they have drawn and who wish to wait for another pit/bind to vacate, may register on the waiting list at the Goose Lodge.

  4. Transfer of pits/blinds can be made only by checking out of your assigned pit/blind at the Goose Lodge.  Pits/blinds to be vacated must be checked out of at the Goose Lodge so that they may be assigned to Members on the waiting list.  Members on the waiting list must be in the Lodge ready to hunt or they will lose their priority on the waiting list.

  5. Goose and duck pits/blinds may be held only by Hunt Club Members who shall have priority over all guests other than a draw by a designated individual.

  6. Good sportsmanship dictates, especially when crowded, that when hunters get their limit of dark geese from a particular productive pit/blind, they should release their pit/blind and cease hunting waterfowl for the day or take an unused pit/bind.

  7. Goose hunting on the Club owned goose field shall be within the pits provided, conditions permitting.

  8. CONSUMPTION OF LIQUOR OR BEER IN THE BLINDS IS PROHIBITED.  Excessive drinking at the Lodge is discouraged.

  9. DOGS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE BUNKHOUSE OR ON THE GAME REFUGE AT ANY TIME.  Dogs are allowed in the house at the sole liability and responsibity of the owner.  Dogs on leashes must be under complete control by the handlers at all times.  If your dog disrupts another Member’s hunt, you may be asked to remove or tether the dog.

  10. Members and guests are expected to keep the kitchen, house and bunk house clean at all times.



  1. Many leases other than the Jet Area have ponds and habit which provide opportunities for waterfowl hunting.  Reservations are made online or through the Club Office as other hunting reservations.

  2. During rifle deer season, a waterfowl reservation may be made within 24 hours of your hunt if no deer hunting reservation has been made for that lease area.  The maximum number of hunters is identified in the individual lease rules.

  3. Hunters may use private blinds on leased and Club lands subject to the rules for blinds.

  4. Permanent blinds may NOT be constructed without permission of the Landowner and the Hunting Committee.

  5. Hunters are required to pick up all decoys at the conclusion of each hunt day.

  6. Certain bodies of water on leases may be designated as a roost area.  No hunting will be allowed on these bodies of water after 2 pm.  See the individual lease rules to see if a body of water has been designated as a roost.



  1. Quail hunting is permitted on all leases and subject to the reservation and sign-in procedures, club rules and individual lease rules.

  2. There shall be no commercial training of bird dogs or field trials on any Club leased property without permission of the Hunt Club Chair.

  3. Training or conditioning of hunting dogs is not permitted on Club leases during the off-season.

  4. All leases will be closed for the first weekend Saturday and Sunday of Deer Rifle Season.  Quail Hunt reservations may be made during Deer Gun Season if there are NO deer hunt reservations made on the lease 24 hours prior to your quail hunt.

  5. If your dog leaves a lease and you go to retrieve the dog, do not take your gun.

  6. A quail hunting reservation may be made for two consecutive days:  2 days on one lease or one day on 2 separate leases.

  7. You may not quail hunt more than 2 days per calendar month on any single lease with a limit of 8 birds per day.

  8. The Quail Committee suggests that Quail Hunting stop at 4 pm to allow the quail to covey-up for the night.